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Attention Parents–Playlist Update!!!

As stated before in my previous post, I am updating you on the status of the Social Studies test.  As a teacher, as well as a class, we have come to the conclusion that our Social Studies test will be next Tuesday (9/3/13) when we return to school.  We talked about this issue in class and decided that this would be in our best interest.  Furthermore, I have explained to the students that this means they will have to study Monday night before returning to school. I just wanted to make sure that they understood that yes it is a day off from school, but they would have to study sometime that day in order to do well on the test.  They all understood this and made a confident decision to postpone the test.

Therefore, here is the playlist for Friday August 30:

Religion – Quiz (We went over the test in class. *verbatim* I have no doubt they will all do well)

Spelling – Weekly Test

Reading – Weekly Test (We also went over this test in class. *verbatim*)

We will review for Social studies

NO Math test this week

Again, I hope to see you all tonight for Back to School Night from 6:00-8:00!!!


Miss Starr*

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