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Art 7th Grade

Ink, Pastel & Watercolor Still Life Drawing

Students completed this drawing.  They used a variety of media, recognized overlapping, indicated the source of light, used negative space, recognized drawing materials can be viewed in different way; recognized art style-still life.


sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 212 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 211 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 210 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 209 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 208 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 207 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 206 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 205 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 204 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 203 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 202 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 213

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