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Middle School Spanish – Week of August 26

Here’s a look into our Middle School Spanish classes this week:

5th Grade:  We continue to build basic vocabulary through Lessons 1, 2, and 3, and will have a vocabulary quiz on these lessons on September 5.

6th Grade:  We are reviewing the basics from last year with the Preliminary Lessons in our textbook.  There will be a quiz on this information (pages 2-17 in the textbook) on September 5.

7th Grade:  We are using the “Repaso” sections in the front of our textbook to review information covered in 6th grade.  We have finished Repaso A and B, and will have a quiz on these sections on September 5.

8th Grade:  We continue to review previously learned grammar concepts using the review section at the front of our textbooks.  There will be a quiz on everything covered in pages 3-14 (except preterite tense) on September 9.

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