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Elementary School Spanish – Week of August 26

This week in Spanish…

Pre-K:  We continue to work on our classroom routine including basic conversation, as well as learning our numbers 1-10, and colors as well.

Kindergarten:  We are doing really well with our number song, and have begun working on our color song as well.

First Grade:  First grade students remembered their numbers 1-10 very well from last year, and we are now working on the numbers 11-20.  We’ll practice these numbers again with some simple games this week, before starting Bingo next week.

Second Grade:  Second graders did a great job with counting up to 31 last week, and we are ready to make our Bingo cards this week and begin playing to reinforce our Spanish number knowledge.

Third Grade:  Third grade students are working on numbers 0-50, and are anxious to play Bingo to practice them.

Fourth Grade:  Fourth graders are also expected to learn numbers 0-50 this year.  We are practicing them again this week with some simple games, and will begin playing Bingo next week.

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