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What’s happening in First Grade?

Weekly reminders:

8/29 All School Mass
8/29 Back to School Night 6-8pm
9/2 Labor Day No School

Please bring white tennis shoes for P.E. (Wednesday and Friday)
Please check homework folder

Language Arts– identify and replace long-vowel sounds, identify and segment initial consonant sounds, generate the sounds /s/, /m/, /a/ and /t/, blend, spell and read words.
Reading comprehension– seek to understand the central message of a passage or story. (main idea)
Math-lesson: 10-Matching a Number to a Set, Collecting and Sorting Data, Using Data to Construct Bar Graph, Identifying Steps to Problem-Solving and Using Logical Reasoning to Problem Solve (Oral Assessment 1 and Written Assessment 1)
Lesson: 11- Identify Morning and Afternoon, Identify First, Last, Between, Middle Identify First, Second, Third (Homework page 11B)
Lesson: 12- Acting Out Some, Some More and Some, Some Went Away Stories (Homework page 12B)
Lesson: 13- Identifying a Triangle, Identify the sides/angles of Triangle and Sorting by One Attribute
Religion– End of Chapter 1 quiz, Chapter 2- understand that heaven is God’s home and a place of perfect happiness and make the Sign of the Cross and realize that Jesus is present at Mass.
Handwriting– Review and write capital letters.
Science– learn how to use the process of scientific thinking in their daily lives.

Social Studies– recognize that Families live in many kinds of homes. Some families live in buildings with other families. Some families live in houses.
Please review with your child their home address and phone number.

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