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This Week in Middle School Math

We are picking up speed as we move into our third week of school! I am looking forward to speaking with all of the middle school parents at back to school night on Thursday.  Here is what is planned for this week:

Fifth: We will finish up chapter 1 this week and have our first test on Wednesday. We will move on to multiplication on Thursday. I would start practicing your multiplication facts at home!

Sixth: Our first chapter test is on Monday. We will start chapter 2 on Tuesday. Chapter 2 introduces algebraic topics such as variables and solving simple equations.

Seventh: We are finishing up chapter 1 in our pre algebra book this week. Our first test will take place on Wednesday. We will move on to chapter 2 on Thursday. This chapter covers operations with integers.

Eighth: In algebra we are “speeding through” chapter 2 this week. This chapter is mainly review and focuses on integers. We will do a quick review of these topic with our test happening next week.


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