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Language Arts – August 26 – 30

language arts pic   Grammar – Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will review simple and complete subjects and simple and complete predicates.  Students will have their first grammar test the week of September 2nd – 6th.

Group Reading – Scholastic – students will continue working through the Scholastic Scope magazine reading the articles “Extreme Teens” and “Marco Polo’s Great Adventure”.  Students will understand how to compare and contrast the two articles, will interpret themed vocabulary and discuss critical thinking discussion questions.  They will also present the legend, “The Sword and the Stone”.  Students will focus on literary elements and devices and understand how to provide evidence for claims.

Group Reading – Novels – students will continue reading as a class the following books:  6th grade – War Horse, 7th grade – After Ever After, and 8th grade – The Outsiders.  Students will be given their first Literature Project – Characterization.  Students will understand how authors create characters, character traits, character motivation, and character development.  More information concerning the project (specifics and deadline) will be given to the students during class.  Students will also begin using textual evidence as support.

Writing – Students are currently becoming familiar with elements of Personal Narrative writing.  They are brainstorming ideas for their first personal narratives.  Students will use an hourglass graphic organizer to learn how to narrow down topics and then expand with specifics.  Students will practice punctuating dialogue, writing with the “Show Don’t Tell” method, creating effective Leads, and using appropriate transition words and phrases.

Independent Reading – students will continue focusing on reading goals for the books they have chosen.  Students will complete Reading Project 2 this week – due Friday, August 30th

Journals – students write in a daily journal during classes and have great advice to share…watch for the ABC life lessons they have shared…coming soon!

Vocabulary – students will begin Unit 2 Vocabulary this week.

As always, if you have questions, please contact me.

C. Roberts


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