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What’s happening in First Grade?

We had a wonderful first week of school!

This week I will continue with the beginning of the year assessments and in Math we will finish reviewing Kindergarten concepts.

Weekly reminders:
1. Monday, August 19th is the first CIA meeting
2. Please return your child’s completed summer packet.
3. Please read the Parent Handbook and return the signed slip saying that you did indeed read through it.
4. Please remember that the PK – 4th Grade Classrooms are Peanut Free. During 1st-4th lunches, there will be a
peanut free table designated for students who have peanut allergies.
5. Please bring white tennis shoes for P.E. (Wednesday and Friday)
6. Please check homework folder for this weeks homework

Language Arts-Beginning of the year assessment

Math-Lesson 5: Placing an Object on a Graph and Writing the Numbers 2, 3, 7 (Homework page 5B)
Lesson:6 Identify Circle and Square and Identify Number of Sides/Angles of Square (Homework page 6B)
Lesson 7: Graphing a Picture on a Pictograph, Identifying Most/Fewest on a Graph and Identify Right/Left
(Homework page 7B)
Lesson 8: Writing the Numbers 0, 6, 8, 9 (Homework page 8B)
Lesson 9: Ordering Sets from Smallest to Largest, Identify Most/Fewest and Ordering Numbers from Least to
Greatest (Homework page 9B)
Religion- Recite the Our Father Prayer, understand that heaven is God’s home and a place of perfect happiness and
make the Sign of the Cross and realize that Jesus is present at Mass.

Handwriting-Evaluate Screening of Handwriting proficiency

Social Studies-Identify ways Families celebrate special times and explain what celebrate means (to do something

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