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This Week in 4th Grade

We are off to a great start in 4th grade, and are excited to be back for week 2! This week will be the beginning of our normal schedule, with a spelling list and story from our reading books. We are still on a trial period of P.A.T., which will go into effect next Monday, August 26th. Today we celebrated Ava Jilek’s 10th birthday! Happy birthday, Ava! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Math:  We will work on estimating time, and talking about hours, minutes, and seconds. We will be working on mental computation (addition), adding three or more single-digit numbers, finding missing addends, and using survey information to create graphs.

Reading: This week we will read a selection from Island of the Blue Dolphins and discussing risks and consequences. This piece is realistic fiction, which we will become familiar with. We will also be exploring root words and suffixes. There will be a selection test on Friday over what we read and learned this week.

Language Arts/Writing: Over the next two weeks we will be creating our own piece of realistic fiction, as we review and follow the writing process. We will also explore many types of nouns (common, proper, concrete, abstract).

Science: We will continue to study living things, as we explore body structures of animals, plants with seeds, and the spores of fungi!

Social StudiesWe began this week by making our elevation maps (which we got to show off at the first CIA meeting!) We will paint them with appropriate colors as soon as they are dry enough to be painted! In addition, we will be learning about renewable and nonrenewable resources, and which resources can be found in Tennessee and surrounding states.

Religion: We have been talking about The Fall of man, Adam and Eve’s first sin in the Garden of Eden. We will continue with God’s promise of a new beginning to finish out the chapter. We will be having a test over chapter 1 on Monday, August 26. We will begin chapter 2 this week, learning about Cain and Abel and the seven capital (or deadly) sins.


Upcoming Assessments:

  • Spelling Test: Friday, August 23 (this will be a weekly occurrence)
  • Reading Selection Test: Friday, August 23 (this will be a weekly occurrence)
  • Religion Chapter 1 Test: Monday, August 26
  • Science Chapter 1 Test: (tentatively) Wednesday, August 28


Upcoming SJV Dates:

  • 8/22   All School Mass (Mass uniforms)
  • 8/29   Back to School Night, 6-8pm
  • 9/2      NO SCHOOL! Happy Labor Day!

Thank you for all you do!!!


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