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Spanish Class – PK-4th Grade

We are ready to learn Spanish in grades PK-4th!

Last week we discussed the classroom expectations and routines, and began some basic conversation, such as greetings, telling your name, sharing how you are, and saying goodbye.  We will continue having weekly conversation in class to build vocabulary, as well as the following additional concepts for this week:

PK:  We will continue learning the words to hold a basic conversation, using songs to supplement as we build our vocabulary.  If there’s time, we will begin learning a Spanish counting song to learn our numbers 1-10.

Kindergarten:  Last week we quickly moved through conversation and reviewed our numbers 1-10.  We will reinforce this vocabulary this week, and add a new song about color words, if time allows.

1st Grade:  First graders are expected to know the Spanish numbers 1-20, so we will review 1-10 from last year, and begin our work on 11-20.  We will begin reinforcing this vocabulary with song and a game of Bingo, too.

2nd Grade:  Second graders must know the numbers from 1-31.  We will spend some time reviewing 1-20 from last year, adding 21-31 before we start playing Bingo, a class favorite!

3rd & 4th Grade:  New this year on the diocesan curriculum, both 3rd and 4th graders must know the numbers 1-50.  We will start with review, and then add on numbers, practicing with games of Bingo and Around the World.

I’m looking forward to a great year in Spanish!

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