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Social Studies

mapWelcome back to school! To keep everyone updated, I will be posting every Sunday night the “happenings” of the upcoming week!  We are all off to a great start and everyone will have a test or quiz this week to show me how much they have already learned!

8th Grade:  We are studying American History this year.  We will cover colonial times to present day (which is a ton!)  We will have our first test on Friday, August 23rd.

7th Grade:  We are studying World Geography this year.  We will be taking a trip around the globe, learning about the different cultures and lands.  We will have a test Thursday, August 22nd.

6th Grade: We are learning about Ancient Civilizations this year! We will start with the “Stone Age” and study all of the great civilizations and their contributions to society.  We will have a test on Thursday, August 22nd.

5th Grade:  We are learning about American History this year!  We have started with colonial times and will study our history through the Cold War.  We will have our first quiz on Friday of this week!

As always, things may come up throughout the week to move dated back or forward.  I will always give ample time for the students to study depending on the length and information on tests and quizzes!

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