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6th grade – Language Arts

language arts  6th grade Language Arts:  August 19-23

Monday – grammar – students will review types of sentences by taking a diagnostic test, interactive notes, and completing homework. 

Tuesday – Students will read and listen to the audio version of “The Burning Town”.  Students will work in small groups to discuss critical thinking questions, explore vocabulary, and sequence events of the story.  Students will then discuss non-fiction terms, recognize non-fiction elements in this story, and create flashcards from these terms.  A reading comprehension quiz over the article will be given in class. 

Wednesday – 6th graders will begin reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  Students have discussed “What good readers do” and have been introduced to the term protagonist.  They will begin learning characterization and will complete a project during class that identifies how authors create characters.  The students will use inferences in the text as well as specific examples in the text to better understand the character.  Students will also be introduced to setting, foreshadowing, and alliteration in the first two chapters.

Thursday – Students will discuss “Why Writers Write” and will take notes on The Writing Process.  Students will view a powerpoint discussing the elements of personal narratives and will brainstorm ideas a personal narrative.  Students will also be introduced to transition words.  Students will read several examples and be able to identify dialogue, setting and character descriptions, and interesting details.

Friday – Students will turn in Week One Reading Goal for their independent reading books.  Students will continue reading on their own and will begin working on Week Two Reading Goals.

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C. Roberts

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