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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

We had a great first day of 2nd grade! We played a get to know you game to learn about our new classmates. We also worked on our class time capsule that will be sealed and not opened until the end of school so we can see how much we have grown in 2nd grade.

This week we will be learning more about classroom procedures and our class schedule. Information about our schedule went home in the blue homework folder today. On the inside of the agenda is information about how it will be used this year. Look for more information in your child’s Wednesday folder.

Reading: We are comparing and contrasting fairy tales and reviewing letter sounds and spellings.

Language Arts: We are writing in our journals.

Math: We are reviewing addition facts, graphing, and working with the 100 number chart.

Religion: We will be learning about God the Father.

Science/Health: We will be learning about good health, making responsible decisions, and how to handle conflicts.

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