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Welcome to First Grade

This week we will be reviewing and I will be assessing your child. We will also learn the classroom routines and rules.

Language Arts-The students will identify words that do not rhyme, recite the alphabet, write and proofread the letters Aa-Mm, listen for the /a/ sound in words, listen to and discuss several poems, combine syllables to form words, clap out syllables in names, blend word parts orally to form words and read pre-decodable 1 and 3. Review High Frequency words see and the.

Math-The students will know the complete date, and recognize the months of the year and days of the week, identify the numbers 0-9 and use Unifix Cubes to build a tower to match each number card. Number cards will be put in order from 0-9, students will count forward and backward from 0-9.

Religion– The students will be able to explain that God is their perfect Father in Heaven who created each of them out of love. Begin to learn the Lord’s Prayer.

Writing– The students will identify right hand, posture, paper placement and grasping grip correctly.

Social Studies– The students will identify ways and describe similarities and differences in the ways that families meet basic needs.

Friendly reminders:
Please remember to send in your signed handbook form.
Please remember any money sent to school needs to be in an envelope with your child’s name and what the money is for.
Mass is on Thursday. Don’t forget to wear Mass uniforms.
PE is on Wednesday and Friday; please remember to bring PE shoes.

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