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Dinosaur week in Pre-K


Thursday- No All School Mass

Theme- Students will be able to identify how dinosaurs lived. Watch the movie “Land Before Time”, to see how dinosaurs lived on Monday and Tuesday at snack time. Watch Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs on Wednesday and Thursday at snack time.

Language Arts– Oral Language Assessment

Religion– Assessment

Writing- Assessment

Computer Class- The students will be able to use the computer to track the weather for 2 days using the internet.

Math- Assessment

Science- Students will be able to understand what extinction is, what a fossil is and how to dig for them.

We will build a volcano and experience it erupting.

We will take a virtual tour of The Dakota Dinosaur Museum online.

Social Studies– The students will identify what an archeologist and a paleontologist is.

We will visit a dig site at the National Science Museum on the web.


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