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Happenings in First Grade


We will be reading our last story in our reading series titled Finding Shelter.  There will be a reading test over the story on Friday.  Students will take a Benchmark assessment this week.


We will be writing letters to in coming 1st graders about what to except in next year.  We had fun discussing our favorite things this year, what surprised us in, what was hard for us and what we learned.  We will also be writing a letter to the 2nd grade teacher, Miss Wright.  Students will share some things about themselves that they want her to know.


Continue to count money, gumball math, and measure volume of liquid.


We will learn about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

Spelling: Test on Friday (last test)


Challenge: creatures,repeated,whispering,enemies,different,comfortable,anywhere, hibernate,sheltered,

Science: test on Thursday over Solar system

We will be completed a study guide in class on Wednesday.  Students will use the study guide to review for the test on Wednesday night.  Our test will be on Thursday.  We will describe magnets and explore between things that are magnetic and not.



Party money is due by 5/22/13


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