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This Week in 2nd Grade

There are just 9 full days of school left! We have done a lot this year, but we still have more things to do.


Tomorrow Tuesday May 14th is all-school Mass.

Please send in $2 for our end of the year party as soon as you can.

Reading/Language Arts: There is no story for this week. A benchmark assessment will be given on Friday. We are reviewing different parts of speech, writing a news story, and continuing to work on cursive handwriting.

Spelling: Test will be on Friday. This week we are reviewing silent consonants.

listen, rustle, whistle, rhino, answer, doubt, island, would, could, known, while, wrist, kneel

Challenge: written, plumber

Math: Multiplying by 5 fact test is tomorrow (Tuesday). Written Assessment and 100 subtraction fact test (6 minutes) will be on Wednesday. We will begin learning multiplying by 2 facts this week.

Religion: Quiz over the Ascension is tomorrow (Tuesday). We will be learning about Pentecost this week.

Social Studies: Quiz over Unit 4 is tomorrow (Tuesday). Vocabulary words to know are: needs, wants, goods, services, consumers, producers, and shelter.

Science: We will be learning about matter and the different kinds of matter. We will also learn about motion and force.


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