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This Week in 2nd Grade

Eucharist_pic-228x300  All the children who made their First Communion on Saturday did an excellent job. We had a small celebration today. Our 8th grade buddies joined us for cake and we were so exicited to see them!

brave as a mountain lion

Reading: This week we are reading “Brave as a Mountain Lion.” It is about a Native American boy who is representing his class in the school spelling bee. Vocabulary words for this selection are: reservation, dreaded, qualified, mysterious, mountain lion, stomping, and inform. Test is on Friday.

Spelling: Test is on Friday.

lawn, haul, recall, stalk, thoughts, naughty, oyster, noise, loyal, rejoice

Challenge: ointment, walnut, because

Math: Written Assessment will be tomorrow. We are learning multiplying by 5 facts this week.

Science: We are talking about fossils, weathering, and erosion.

Social Studies: We will be learning about wants and needs, goods and services, and producers and consumers.

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