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First Grade Happenings 5/6/13

Language Arts:

This week our story is titled Homes.  Students will be bringing their books home every night to read and look over the questions.  Our test will be on Friday.  We will also be reviewing past and present tense verbs.  Students will be taking a benchmark test on Tuesday.  I will begin doing end of the year assessments this week and next week.  Students will participate in Star Wars themed literacy centers.


Students completed the written portion of their reading test from last Friday on Monday.  We will be writing a short narrative about being an astronaut.  

Spelling: Test on Friday

list 1: leak, bead, seal, greet, bee, tree, teacup, meeting, flea, feet

challenge: thought, brought, caught, fought, coughing, daughter, simple, complete, daydream, evergreen


Money!  We will have money themed centers all week and next week.  While students are in centers I will be working with small groups counting money.  Math test on Thursday!


Jesus returns back to Heaven.  We will discuss the ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit.


Students will be sampling space food and writing about the taste!  We will also explore more about the moon and astronauts.  We will have a test over space some time next week.  A study guide will be completed in class sent home to study for the test.



5/9 Light of Leadership Mass

5/10 Living Rosary

5/13 Janet’s Planets is coming to give a presentation on SPACE!!!!


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