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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance: May 6 – 10

Second Grade Students,

Congratulations on your First Holy Communion!

RELIGION: This week the students will construct a bulletin board on the Rosary. They will also learn about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost:  The Birthday of our Church. On Friday, the students will participate in the Living Rosary.

READING: This week we will read the story Madam C.J. Walker: Self-Made Millionaire by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack. Our writing prompt for grammar this week will be the focus question from the story:  “If you were to open your own business, what
type of product or service would you sell? In what ways can you use your time or money to help others?” The test on the story will be on Friday.

SPELLING: The spelling list is posted on spellincity; assignments are due on or before Friday. Friday’s test will be a regular dictation test. The students will be graded on spelling and handwriting.

LANGUAGE ARTS: The students are creating a grammar book. They completed their cover, dedication page, and the pages on sentences, subject/predicate, nouns and verbs. This week they will work on the pages for adjectives and adverbs.  This book will serve as a review for the end of year test.  We are not having weekly grammar tests since we  have finished our last unit. The students are being graded on the content and completion of their book.

MATH:  This week, we will review different forms of measurement and learn about liters and milliliters. On Wednesday,  the students will take a review test. Since Saxon builds on itself and then circles back and repeats concepts, this is not a test that the kids can study for. It is a test of what they have learned and includes concepts from several lessons.

SCIENCE: This week, we will begin our final science unit: Investigating Matter.  We will complete several investigations, focus on vocabulary, and use several different methods to learn the concepts. Please follow the schedule in your child’s agenda. If your child keeps up with the studying, he or she will do much better in class and on the test. When the agenda says, “Read and Study” please do not think there is no homework – your child needs to read and study the material! I have created a vocabulary assignment on SpellingCity. This assignment is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

SOCIAL STUDIES: This week the students will learn about Native Americans. The students will use the index in their books to locate information. They will also use websites and other resources to find information. We will learn about tribes who were native to TN. We will also learn about the Trail of Tears.

HEALTH:  This week the students will complete their study of health by studying body systems. Students will learn information about one of the systems and then present the information to the class.

TECHNOLOGY: The students will use the computers to locate information for kids on Native Americans and The Trail of Tears.

LIBRARY:  As the school year comes to a close, please check your home, car, backpack, etc.  for books from the school and classroom library.  All library books are due to the school on or before May 10, 2013.

Please remember to have your child wear his/her Mass uniform on Thursday.

Please keep our 8th Grade students in your prayers as they prepare for Confirmation, Graduation, and the Washington D.C. trip!

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