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Middle School Spanish Update

As mentioned in a previous post, middle school classes will not have Spanish on Friday due to the 11:30 am dismissal.  Please be aware though, that some students do have work to do:

7th grade was assigned and began a project in class today.  They will have classtime to work in the computer lab on Monday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 8.  The projects are due on Friday, May 10.  Depending on how fast the students work, they may need to work on the project at home.  If they do, please make sure they save their project in a compatible PowerPoint file format, as we do not have the latest version at school.

8th grade will have their semester exam next Friday, May 10.  Students received a study guide in class today for this exam, and should come to class next Monday and Wednesday with questions they have.  We will also work on corrections from today’s quiz, which will help with the review.

Though they do not have any additional work to complete right now, here’s what is going on with 5th and 6th grade:

5th grade took a test today over Lessons 12-14.  They will work on any corrections they need to make at recess starting on Monday.  They will also begin a project in class on Monday and Wednesday next week that will be due Monday, May 13.  They will have both days in class to do research, but may also need to work on these at home.  Please remember if they are using a new version of PowerPoint to save the file in a compatible form.

6th grade will finish up their presentations in class on Monday.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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