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This Week in Middle School Math

Fifth: Fifth graders continue to solve problems using our hands on equations kit. In just over a week the students have learned to solve multiple step equations! They are doing a great job. They will have a test on Wednesday over level I of the hands on equations kit. I will also collect completed packets on this day.

Sixth: Sixth graders have been working on level II of hands on equations. We have added (-x) to our equations. We will have a test over level II at the end of the week.

Seventh: Seventh graders had a test today over equations containing absolute values. We will be working on lines and polynomials this week.

Eighth: It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with algebra for the year! Students will have our final quiz on Tuesday. Study guides for the final exam will be passed out on Wednesday. We will have just over a week of review for our final exam.

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