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First Grade Happenings 4-29-13


** Bring in a flower on Thursday for the May Crowning**


Language Arts:

As we wrap up unit 8 in our reading series we will be reading our last story about things that grow titled Plants That Eat Animals by Allan Fowler.  We will be having a reading test over the story on Friday as well as a benchmark assessment.  We will review synonyms and antonyms, and focus on long e spelled (ie) and long o (ow) for review.  Today in computers we visited a website that allows students to create concrete poems.  Here is the website


As we continue to dig deeper into our space unit, students will be writing about an imaginary trip to the moon.   Students will also enjoy listening to the story Me and my place in space and then write about what it would be like to be an astronaut.

Spelling: test on Friday

list: lie, pie, tie, low, grow, know, throw, cried, dried, window

Challenge list: following, insect, animal, remove, attracts, trapping, wetlands, concrete, shampoo, sidewalk,


Work on subtracting 2, geometric solids, and subtracting double digits without regrouping.  We will continue to have gumball math tests daily and play around the world.  Math test on Tuesday.


Learn about present leadership in the church.  We will review chapter 20 and take an open book quiz on Thursday.


Students will review unit 4 in s.s on Goods and Services.   We will complete a study guide to help prepare for our test over unit on Thursday.


This week we will review concepts taught last week about the planets and discuss the physical features of the moon and phases of the moon as well.  We will also learn a bit about astronauts.  A great website that students can visit to learn more about space and enjoy some great science games is


5/2 May Crowning (bring in a flower to present to Mary)

5/2 Art and Music Show 5-7 pm

5/3 early dismissal 11:3o



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