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Middle School Spanish – Week of April 22, 2013

Here is what is planned for Middle School Spanish this week:

5th Grade:  We will finish discussing the conjugations and uses of the irregular verb “tener” this week.  Students will receive a study guide on Wednesday for a test on Lessons 12, 13, and 14, which will be Wednesday, May 1.

6th Grade:  Students will present their food-related vocabulary skits on Monday, and will begin an in-class research project on Wednesday.

7th Grade:  We have begun Unit 5.  There will be a vocabulary quiz on Friday, April 26 over all vocabulary on page 197 in the textbook.  We have also begun working on the preterite tense for -er/-ir verbs.

8th Grade:  We are finishing up our review for the Spanish I placement exam this week by discussing stem-changing verbs, verbs with irregular “yo” forms, and pronouns.  We will also continue practicing conversing with another person in Spanish. Next Wednesday, there will be a quiz over infinitive phrases, present progressive, pronouns, stem-changing verbs, verbs like gustar, and irregular “yo” verbs.

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