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Elementary School Spanish & Music – Week of April 22, 2013

Here’s what we have planned in Spanish and Music this week:

Pre-K: In music this week, the students will play small hand held instruments along with a variety of pieces of music by various composers, interpreting the style of the music, and playing accordingly.  In Spanish, we will continue to work on the animal words introduced in class last week, along with singing the songs to reinforce numbers, colors, and parts of the body vocabulary.

Kindergarten:  In music this week, we will learn two new songs by Dr. Jean that focus on coordination, music and movement.  In Spanish, we will play a game as we continue learning vocabulary words for animal names.

1st Grade:  Back by popular demand, we will play food vocabulary bingo in Spanish this week.  In Music, we will have the follow up activity to the book we read last week called, “The Music Inside Me.”

2nd Grade:  In Spanish this week, we will be watching a retelling of  “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in Spanish, which focuses on student uses of greetings and leave-takings, numbers, and comparison words.  In Music, we will continue working on our class mini-musical that we began working on last week.

3rd Grade: In music this week, the students will demonstrate natural sounds using a variety of instruments.  In Spanish this week, the students will be working on animal vocabulary by playing bingo.

4th Grade: In music this week, students continued their review of musical genres.  In Spanish this week, students will continue working on Lesson 8 in the textbook, focusing on telling time.

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