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Pre-K….Science and Math experiment

The students recognized the basic concert that forces can move objects and demonstrated different rates of speed such as fast and slow during our experiment today.

In the first experiment the students tried to pull a sheet of paper from beneath a book without disturbing the book. After everyone took a turn, I demonstrated how to pull the sheet in a quick snapping motion while pulling slightly downward on the edge of the paper. I explained that by pulling the sheet it caused friction, which should make the book move. The book will move slightly before it comes to a rest on the table however, when applying momentum to the sheet overcomes the friction that causes the book to remain on the table.

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When the students recognized that objects require force to move we continued on to the second experiment.

The students used a variety of surfaces such as the carpet, a table, and a ramp to observe how fast the items roll down different surfaces. The students will see that on a carpet a car will move slower than on a table top, and on a ramp a car moves faster still.

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We discussed why the objects might move at different speeds. For example, the table is a smooth surface, so there is nothing to stop the momentum or speed of the car’s wheels, while the carpet is soft and bumpy, which slows the car’s wheels.

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We had great time doing the experiments and learning about force and speed.

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