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This Week in 2nd Grade

Field trip form and money is due this Wednesday April 17th.

Reading: This week we are reading “The Hole in the Dike,” a legend about a courageous boy from Holland. Vocabulary words for this selection are: trickling, flooded, rumbing, numb, dikes, and windmills. Test over selection and vocabulary words is on Friday.

Spelling: This week we are reviewing /aw/ spelled augh, ough, all, and al.

walk, overall, bought, call, always, sought, taught, caught, halt, small, daughter, chalk, brought, sidewalk

Language Arts: We are writing acrostic poems this week. We are also learning about quotation marks.

Math: -8 fact test on Friday.

Social Studies: Quiz over Unit 5: Our Government on Tuesday. Students will be bringing home information on Tuesday about a biography project on a famous American who showed courage and bravery.

Science: This week we start learning about weather. Field trip to the Adventure Science Center to see the Magical School Bus weather exhibit is next Tuesday April 23rd.

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