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Middle School Spanish for the Week of April 15

Here’s what we are working on in Middle School Spanish this week:

5th Grade:  We will finish up Lesson 13 on telling time, and move on to vocabulary for parts of the body and the irregular verb tener (Lesson 14).  This will be the final lesson before our next test on Lessons 12-14, which should be the week of April 29.

6th Grade:  Students will take a test on Unit 5 on Monday.  They will be working on an in-class group project on Wednesday and Friday.  The presentations of these projects will be in class on Monday, April 22.

7th Grade:  Students will take a test on Unit 4 on Monday.  They will not have Spanish on Wednesday due to their field trip.  On Friday, we will discuss the vocabulary for Unit 5, which students will have a quiz over on Friday, April 26.

8th Grade:  We will continue to do daily conversation practice as we prepare for the Spanish I placement exam.  We will also review infinitive phrases, present progressive tense, and the verb gustar.

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