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First Grade Happenings! 4-15-13

**Please make sure to pack a lunch and drink on Thursday and Friday due to Gala set up in the gym**


Language Arts/Writing:

We are reviewing the long U sound and spelling this week.  April is national poetry month, we will be creating our own poetry books.  Students will be writing 10 different types of poetry (acrostic, alliteration, concrete, color, haiku, to name a few).  We will be working on our poetry unit for the next two weeks.  Our story this week is Green and Growing, a story all about plants.  The vocabulary  words from the story are: energy, vine, stems, and shrub.

Spelling: test on Friday!

List 1: human, unit, fuel, mute, cube, huge, fumes, unite, amuse, music

Challenge List: regular, cucumber, volume, argue, rescue, musical, uniform, continue, refuse, museum.


Continue to tell time using 5 minute intervals, gumball math tests, money, measuring using centimeters.  Test on Thursday.


We will discuss how technology has helped improve jobs over time.  We will also be wrapping up our unit on Jobs.  Our test will be on Friday.


Space……………We will be learning about the planets and the order.  Students will act out how the planets orbit around the sun.


Quiz on Wednesday.  Students will come to understand that Jesus began the Church.




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