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Grade 4: This Week at a Glance


Lessons this week include Roman Numerals, congruent and similar shapes, identifying triangles, squares, parallelograms, spheres, rectangular boxes, cubes, cones, cylinders, pyramids, quadrilaterals, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon; square feet and square inches; finding the area of a shape using a grid, how to draw a shape with a given area, and how to find the area of a rectangle.


This week students will be reading the selection “A Covered Wagon Girl: The Diary of Sallie Hester, 1849 – 1850. This is a story of a fourteen year old girl who traveled west by covered wagon. We will review and use the comprehension strategies of visualizing, clarifying, predicting, and summarizing. Spelling words are superlatives, words with the suffix ending of -est.


Students are continuing their study of pronouns: subject, object, and possessive pronouns.


This week we will be learning how Spanish settlers brought Christianity and cattle ranching to America, and we will begin to learn about the contibutions Native Americans made to the culture of the United States.


Students will continue to learn about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, the rock cycle, and characteristics of minerals.


Students will learn about the benefits of good posture, personal physical activity goals, and adequate sleep for good health.


The topic this week is sin: original, actual, mortal, and venial sin.

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