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First Grade Happenings 4/3/13


Our story this week is The Garden, by Arnold Lobel.  We will have a test over the story and vocabulary words this Friday.  We will review all the different was to spell with long i (i, y, i_e, ie, ie,) and review possessive plural nouns.


We will be writing a book report for the story The Garden.  Students will work on writing a short paragraph and learn how to summarize.


Starting every Monday students will be given a pre-test over the spelling words for the week.  If they receive 100% on the pre-test then they will not need to take the spelling test on Friday for those words.  Instead, they will be moving on to the challenge list.  The challenge list will consist of the same spelling sounds that we are focusing on for the week only more difficult.  The challenge list will be given on Friday.

Spelling list: by, shy, fly, mice, fine, time, dry, quite, tried, crying,

Challenge list: frightened, skyscraper, cacti, climbs, quite, smiling, tightrope, lighthouse, flytrap, tiger


We will begin Gumball math tests.  Gumball test are timed addition and subtraction fact test that will be given every day or every other day.  Each test consists of 50 fact problems that need to be mastered in 2 minutes or less.  After each student gets 100%, they get to put a (pretend) gumball on their gumball machine and then chew on a real gumball in class as a reward.  After a student passes a test, they will move on to the next test.  This is a great way to get them ready for timed tests in second grade.

We will also work on telling time to the 5 minute interval.  Math test on Thursday.


Students will  better understand that Jesus has resurrected body and that Mary was taken up to Heaven, body and soul.  They will learn that one day, their body will join their soul in Heaven.


Discuss wants and needs.  We will also identify a variety of jobs that people perform.

Describe the characteristics of good workers in jobs.



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