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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – April 8 – 12

R E M I N D E R:  Feast Day Mass on Monday, April 8th

RELIGION: This week, we will learn about the parts of the Mass.

READING: We will study legends and read the story Johnny Appleseed. The assessment on this story will be on Friday.

SPELLING: The spelling list is posted on spellincity; assignments are due on or before Friday. The test will be multiple choice and will include meanings for all of the suffixes. Students will have to select the word that is spelled correctly. This is difficult for the students. Please encourage your child to take his/her time. It is helpful to write the word first, then identify the correct spelling.

Comprehension Assessments: As the students prepare for fourth grade, they need to become independent learners. The students will be taking several comprehension assessments during class over the next nine weeks. These assessments will count as classwork grades. It is essential that the students read carefully and do their personal best. Other than daily reading, there is really no way to study for these assessments.

LANGUAGE ARTS: This week students will write an advertisement for the Mini-Society newspaper. They will also write an article about their business/service. The students will also write friendly letters and postcards. Students will need to address envelopes and postcards correctly.  The students will take the Unit 6 post test on Wednesday. This test covers adverbs, adjectives, quotation marks, using a thesaurus, and story writing.

MATH: This week the students will learn to keep a check register and make a budget. The students will use their pay from mini-society to purchase items, pay bills, and make charitable donations. Each student will need to maintain accurate records of his/her income and expenditures.  We will continue to complete Saxon lessons during the week. Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays.

SCIENCE:  Due to mini-society, we will not have science class this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Mini-Society begins this week! Click here for a list of responsibilities and information.  Click here for the Entrepreneur Application.

TECHNOLOGY: The class book is in! The students did a great job. The book will be on display in the hallway during end of year conferences. Our current technology project is using Edmodo. This is a social networking site designed for schools. The students take polls, complete assignments, and then “talk” to each other.  I have the network set to “Classroom ONLY,” so only our students can access the account. I have not shared the password with the students, so they can not access the account without me putting in the password. To add further security, all comments and posts go through my email account.

LIBRARY: Our last Book Adventure contest ends on Friday, April 19. Please make sure your child is registered and earns 500+ points by that time. Reading one book per week is the best strategy for success and academic growth.

Contest Name:

Ending the Year with a Book

Contest Pin:


Contest Start Date:

3/10/2013 6:00:00 AM

Contest End Date:

4/19/2013 2:00:00 PM

Monday, April 8: Feast Day Mass

Tuesday, April 9: Spring Uniforms

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