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First Grade Happenings 3/18/13

Language Arts:

Reviewing Long a (a_e and ai spellings).  As we being Unit 8 in our reading series Away We Grow, our story this week will be about planting a seed and learning about what it needs to grow.  There will be a test on the story this Friday.  Students will be taking their books home to read and study the story for homework.


Work on writing sentences two different ways.  We will also be writing a make believe story about a plant.

Spelling: rain, wave, pale, trail, wait, snake, aim, tape, trailer, snakeskin   test on Friday


Fractions, reviewing math facts, identifying geometric solids, and counting money.  Test on Thursday.


Discuss the word BELIEVE.  Students will be writing a letter to Jesus about why they believe in him.  We will learn about the last supper and that Jesus gave His power to the Apostles.  We will discuss the Apostolic Succession.

Social Studies:

Write about how they are Good Citizens.



3/21 All School Mass

3/22 School Play @ 7pm

3/23 School Play @ 1pm

3/27  basket item and $2 gala money due

3/28 11:30 dismissal

3/29 No School





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