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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Just a reminder – Please send 6 small plastic eggs to school with your child by this Friday 3/22.  They will be used in a project next week.  Also please remember our needs for the Gala class basket and art project.  Thanks!!

MATH – This week the students will be acting out “some, some went away” problems, identifying and making symmetrical designs, using indirect comparisons to compare the heights or lengths of objects, identifying hot and cold, and measuring using inches.

SCIENCE – We will begin our study of living things.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will identify patriotic symbols such as the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, and the bald eagle.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will review previous sight words, decode new sight words, review the /y/ sound, match initial phonemes in groups of words, form words by segmenting sounds to letters, practice sound-by-sound blending, read a decodable, review naming words (nouns), and practice sentence writing.  We will read a new selection “The Little Red Hen”, understand new vocabulary, sequence story events, understand what a “fable” is and why they are written.

RELIGION – We will begin to discuss Palm Sunday and the events that lead up to Jesus’ death and ressurestion.  We will look at and discuss the Stations of the Cross.  The students will create their own Stations of the Cross booklet.

WRITING/HANDWRITING – This week we will practice correct formation of the letters Ww, Kk, Vv, Qq, Yy, and Ee.     We will also brainstorm ideas about “spring” and begin the writing process.


3/18-3/22     Book Fair

3/21     All School Mass

3/22     Wildcat Friday for those students in the play.

3/22      School Play @ 7pm

3/23     School Play @ 1pm

3/28     11:30 dismissal

3/29     No School – Good Friday

4/1-4/5     SPRING BREAK


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