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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – March 18 – 22

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Friday, March 22 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, March 23 at 1:00 pm

RELIGION: The students will take an assessment on Chapter 17 on Wednesday. We will begin to study the Last Supper – Our First Mass next week. The students will take the Comprehensive Religion Assessment for the Diocese in April. This is a computer-based, multiple choice test. For a comprehensive review of what we have learned so far this year, go to

READING: Our next reading story is Storm in the Night by Pat Cummings. The test will be this Friday, March 22. We should finish our book Bridge to Terabithia by by Katherine Paterson this week. We will discuss several topics including being different, surrounding ourselves with good people, being confident in who we are, grieving, and death.

Comprehension Assessments: As the students prepare for fourth grade, they need to become independent learners. The students will be taking several comprehension assessments during class over the next nine weeks. These assessments will count as classwork grades. It is essential that the students read carefully and do their personal best. Other than daily reading, there is really no way to study for these assessments.

SPELLING: The words in this week’s unit contain homophones, plurals, long vowel sounds and the /oo/ sound: they’re, there, geese, moose, cue, train, owner, throat, steal, steel, weighty, cries, bright, rubies, lead. Spellingcity assignments are due Friday.

LANGUAGE ARTS: This week the students will continue to learn about adjectives and adverbs. The students will also learn how to use quotations marks. Next week the students will learn how to use a thesaurus and will create a story with a beginning, middle, and end. A weekly grammar test is given each Wednesday.

MATH: This week, the students will learn to find fractional parts of a set and determine age when given a year. The students will also learn to identify angles and triangles. The students are doing a great job on their multiplication facts. They will continue to work on multiplication and division this week. 100 fact multiplication timed tests will be given on Fridays, these tests will count as a classwork grade. Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays.

SCIENCE: Field trip Monday! Please remember to send a packed lunch, dress in spirit clothes, and bring a booster seat. Energy is a difficult concept for students. Please read the lessons and discuss them at home to reinforce what we are learning in class. The test for this unit will be next Thursday, March 28.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Congratulations Mayor Madeline! I am in the process of reviewing job applications and will hold any necessary interviews on Monday after our field trip. On Tuesday, students will get their job assignments. All aspects of mini-society are graded. These grades are 100% on the student. They are not able to study or prepare at home. It is essential that the students listen in class and follow directions carefully. In addition to the social studies grade for economics, the students will earn a grade in Religion (being good citizens, sportsmanship, being fair, honest, hard-working, etc.), Grammar (filling out applications, writing newspaper ads, writing letters and postcards, addressing mail), and Math (writing checks, making a budget, balancing accounts, completing deposit slips, writing receipts).

Thank you for all of the generous donations to our store. If you are available to help at the bank on April 8th from 12:45 – 2:45 or April 9th from 12:45 – 1:25, please let me know.

TECHNOLOGY: We are almost done with our class book. The students are doing a great job.

LIBRARY: Our last Book Adventure contest for the year has begun. Please make sure your child is registered.

Contest Name:

Ending the Year with a Book

Contest Pin:


Contest Start Date:

3/10/2013 6:00:00 AM

Contest End Date:

4/19/2013 2:00:00 PM

Monday, March 18: Field Trip

Tuesday, March 19: Feast Day Mass

Thursday, March 21: All-School Mass

Friday, March 22: School Play 7:00 pm

Saturday, March 23: School Play 1:00 pm

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