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Elementary Spanish & Music Classes – Week of 3/4

Some of the elementary classes will resume this week, but some will have to wait until next week due to testing.  For those classes starting back up, here’s what we will be doing:

Pre-K:  In Music this year, we will learn the song “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” and then in Spanish class later in the week, we will learn the same song, but in Spanish.

Kindergarten:  In Music, we will continue singing rounds and call & response.  In Spanish, we will practice our Spanish numbers 0-20 with a game.

1st Grade:  No classes this week.  We’ll resume next week.

2nd Grade:  No Music this week, but in Spanish we are playing color bingo to practice our color words!

3rd Grade:  No Music this week.  In Spanish we are doing some cross-curricular work, combining Math and Spanish by collecting data and making graphs of the students’ favorite colors, all in Spanish.

4th Grade:  No Music this week.  In Spanish we continue Lesson 3 in our textbook.  We are discussing how to ask how much something costs, and ordering in a restaurant.

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