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First Grade Weekly News 2/19

Hope you all had a wonderful and restful four day mini break!


Language Arts:

New stories this week are: The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Tortise and the Hare.  Students will be taking their comprehension tests over both stories and content learned throughout the week on Friday.  It is very important to not only listen to your child read each story when they bring their books home but to also go over the story as well.  Students will now be bringing their reading books home every night with a specific reading assignment.  Please do not go ahead and read other stories in the book.  Thank you!

New sounds this week are /oi/ /oy/ /ph/ /wr/.


Spelling:  Boy, join, enjoy, loyal, spoil, voice, annoy, point, voyage, appoint

Don’t forget that #11 and #12 need to be words that have the /oy/ and /oi/ sound and spelling that the students need to generate on their own.  Test is on Friday



Working on our final drafts for our make believe stories.  We will be reviewing singular and plural pronouns and discuss possessive pronouns.



Discussing the “Good News”  As we begin Chapter 14, students will be learning about the good news that Jesus preached.  We will also learn about the Beatitudes.


Social Studies:

Identify symbols of national identity, such as our flag and the Pledge of Allegiance.  We will also discuss two of our nations most important Presidents.



Review addition and subtraction facts, adding double digits, time, and work on counting money.  Our focus this week will be on money.  Students will be studying the characteristics of a nickel and quarter and work on counting all four coins together.  It is encouraged that students practice counting money at home as an activity to help them with their money counting skills.  Test on Wednesday.



Sink or float?  We will experiment to see if any of the coins (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter) will sink or float.  Students will be making predictions and recording observations.



2/20 progress reports due back to school

2/21 All school Mass

2/25 Iowa Testing Begins (check Wednesday folders for info coming home)



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