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This Week at a Glance: February 18 – 22

NO SCHOOL MONDAY, FEB. 18 – Presidents’ Day

RELIGION: This week the students will learn about the Stations of the Cross. They will create their own stations and present them to another class. For a comprehensive review of what we have learned so far this year, go to to play a jeopardy game.

READING: The students will write a book report in class on their literature book. The students will earn a reading grade and a grammar grade on their report. If you would like to help your child prepare for this assignment, click here to access a copy of the requirements.

GRAMMAR: The students will learn to identify parts of speech in sentences.  We will begin Unit 6. This unit focuses on adjectives and adverbs. The writing lesson is on writing a story. Weekly Grammar tests are given on Wednesdays.

SPELLING:  This week the students will focus on spelling correctly in their own writing. The students will identify and correct spelling errors in their writing. We will also continue our classroom spelling bees. The students will not have a spelling list this week.

HANDWRITING: Students are responsible for writing in cursive on all assignments. Grades will be taken from weekly spelling tests and other assignments. Assignments will be picked at random; students will not know when a handwriting grade will be recorded.

MATH:  Starting this week, the students’ mixed reviews will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The problems will be more complex. The test will have a time limit, but they will not have to “race” through the problems. The first grade earned will be recorded, but students will need to fix errors until they earn a 100%. The students have taken two practice tests using this format.

SCIENCE: This week we will continue our study on our solar system. Please watch your child’s agenda for assignments and upcoming tests. If we able to cover all of the material well, our test will be on Friday.  Science projects are due on Thursday, February 21. The students went to websites, read books, and were given ample opportunities to write down facts about their planet (object).  The students may use to complete their research. Please refer to LA pgs 360-379 for tips on expository writing. The rubric for the project was sent home in Wednesday folders, but can be accessed here: Science Solar System Project . The project is due this Thursday, February 21.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will continue to work on the five paragraph essay this week. The students will be given a graphic organizer to use to organize their information prior to writing. The graphic organizer has a word bank that the students will be required to use to spell correctly. The students will write an opening, a paragraph on each branch of the government, and a closing. The essay will be graded for both grammar and content. The students will begin writing their essays on Thursday.

TECHNOLOGY: The students will use storyjumper to create a class book on the planets.

LIBRARY:  Our new Book Adventure Contest has begun. Please make sure your child is registered:

Contest Name: The Magical World of Reading
Contest Pin: TG213
Contest Start Date: 2/9/2013 11:44:07 PM
Contest End Date: 3/8/2013 12:00:00 AM


Monday, Feb. 18: No School – Presidents’ Day

Thursday, Feb. 21:  All School Mass

Friday, Feb. 22:  Feast Day Mass

Monday, Feb 25:  Testing Begins

Friday, March 1:  Early Dismissal

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