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The Importance of a Great Teacher

Most people can recall quite easily the best teacher they ever had.  They understand from experience how much that teacher helped them grow and learn.  But recent research is confirming what most people intuitively know: an effective teacher is one of the most important factors influencing student achievement and learning.  A recent study from Harvard and Columbia tracked 2.5 million students over 20 years and found that those with highly effective teachers were more likely to attend college and eventually earn higher salaries.

At Saint John Vianney, our teachers have high expectations of each and every child within their care. The type of teachers we seek are experienced, highly qualified, creative, caring, and are engaged with parents in a unique partnership that help each and every student reach their maximum potential.

Our teaching faculty has a combined 79 years of teaching experience and 1/3 of SJV faculty hold advanced degrees in their field. In addition to daily communication with parents and regular parent-teacher conferences, a unique way that SJV parents stay engaged daily with the classroom experience is through our class blogs. Each teacher maintains a blog that keeps parents informed on lessons and often posts pictures from class.  If you’re searching for a school community where quality teaching is an emphasis, read our blogs, take a personal tour of campus, and have a one-on-one conversation with one of our teachers.  To view our class blogs, simply hover your mouse over the “Inside Our Classrooms” link above.

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