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First Grade Happenings


We will have a special assembly on Thursday morning. Students need to bring P.E. shoes to wear during the assembly.



Language Arts:

This weeks story is The Little Engine That Could  by: Watty Piper.   Students will read and discuss the story in class and in groups this week.  They will be bringing their books home on Wednesday to prepare for their test on Thursday over the story.

New sound this week is AW/AU (raw, pause).


Students will continue to work on drafting a make believe story.  Students are encouraged to use dialogue in their stories to practice the use of quotation marks.  We will also look at how to add more rich detail to make our stories more juicy.

In addition to our stories students will identify singular and plural nouns.

Math : No test this week

Continue to work on finding the missing addend, counting nickels, pennies, and dimes together.

Spelling:  Test on Thursday

draw, lawn, saw, straw, awful, pause, because, auto, fault, applaud (students must generate two more words, one from each spelling AW, AU, with the same sound as what we are working on for number 11, 12  on their test.


We will be discussing Lent and our Lenten Promise.  Quiz over Chapter 13 on  Tuesday

Social Studies:

Identify leadership roles in a community, state, and country and describe responsibilities and characteristics of a good leader.



2/13  all school mass

2/13 progress reports home

2/14 Valentine party (our card exchange will be in the morning) Party 1-2:30

2/15 No School

2/18 No School


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