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What’s happening in Middle School Math.

Fifth: We are moving on to operations with decimals this week. Next week we will have a test over adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. It is easy to make silly mistakes when doing these so it is important for students to take their time!

Sixth: Sixth graders are working on operations with integers. We will also be solving equations that contain integers. Thursday students will have a  quiz and we will have a test next week.

Seventh: Seventh graders are finishing up our “Hands on Equations” unit.  Students are becoming very good at solving multiple step equations with positive and negative numbers and variables. Next week we will be having a unit test over everything we have learned in the hands on equation unit. We will then move on to solving equations using traditional paper and pencil methods.

Eighth: In algebra we are simplifying equations containing exponents. We will have a test next Monday on chapter 8. Next week we will continue onto chapter nine.

***Our Calculators’ batteries are starting to die. If you would like to donate triple A batteries we would greatly appreciate it!

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