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First Grade Weekly News: February 4-8

Thank you all so very much for the peace lily and all the wonderful gift cards.  It was more than generous.   It is such a blessing that I get to teaching all your children.

I want to thank Mrs. Smith and Mrs. King for being such great substitute teachers while my family and I have been under the weather.  


Here’s what’s going on this week!


Language Arts:

We are beginning Unit 7 in our reading series which means different spelling words, weekly reading comprehension tests and we finally get to read from our reading books.  The story this week is The Kite by Arnold Lobel ( Frog and Toad).  Test on the story will be on Friday.  Students will be bringing their books home to re-read the story on Thursday.

New sounds this week are OW, OU (cow, ouch) and KN (knee, knot).

We will be taking Unit 6 reading assessment on Monday.


Students will begin to map out their ideas for writing a make believe story.  We will be working on our make believe stories for the next few weeks.    I had to postpone contractions due to illnesses but it is back on and we will be working on contractions this week.  Check the website for pictures.  This is something you don’t want to miss!  We will also be discussing the use of quotations and commas.

Spelling:  crown, tower, allow, chowder, flower,  pouch, outside, round, mouse, playground

Test on Friday.  

There are only ten words on the list.  Students will need to come up with an additional word for each sound.  One for OW, and OU.  I will ask them to write a word for OW for #11 on the test and OU for #12 on the test.


Building congruent shapes, working on finding the missing addend, time to the half hour or half past, reviewing addition and subtraction facts, double digit addition, greater than less than, counting nickels and pennies and discussing dividing a square into fourths.


Chapter 13.  Jesus Begins his Work.  Students will learn that Jesus was called “rabbi” and he went from town to town teaching people.  We will also talk about his deep love for children and about the call of the 12 Apostles.

Social Studies: GOOD CITIZENS

We will identify different kinds of groups and explain the need for groups to have rules and explain the need for rules and laws in the home, school, and community.


As we close up our unit on Penguins, students will be learning more about how penguins stay warm and we will be taking this week to review facts that we have learned thus far.  Test over material taught in class be on Friday.  Students will have time to review before the test with partners and whole group.






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