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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – February 4 – 8

RELIGION: This week we will learn that we all make mistakes, but God always loves us. We will read the parables of the Lost Sheep and The Prodigal Son.  Then, the students will learn that Jesus instituted the sacrament of confession. We will continue to review all of the information that we have learned so far this year through our jeopardy game. You can go to to see how well you do, or play against your child. The students will take a short assessment on Chapter 13:  God’s Tender Mercy on Thursday.

READING: The students will continue to work in their reading groups. The students will  work at centers and have group instruction time. In addition to this, they will take various  reading comprehension assessments. Students will be required to read each night.

GRAMMAR: The students’ comparison writing essays were very well done. I am very proud of their writing.  This week we will learn about expository writing. On Friday, the students will be assigned a planet to research and write about. We will continue our unit on pronouns. The students will need to be able to identify subject and object pronouns and use possessive pronouns correctly. The students have grammar assessments on Wednesdays.

SPELLING:  The students should study their individual spelling words. The lists are posted on (students 8-14 will get their lists on Monday). The spellingcity activities are mandatory.  Your child may take the practice test multiple times, but please do NOT have your child take the actual test. The students will take the computer based spelling test in school on Friday. This grade will be recorded as a test grade.

HANDWRITING: Students are responsible for writing in cursive on all assignments. I will continue to take handwriting grades on the weekly spelling test, but I will also take grades on random assignments. This includes homework, classwork, and tests. This also includes math sheets and math notebook pages. The students should take pride in their work and do their personal best on all assignments.

MATH: Please have your child practice his/her math facts. It is essential that the students know these facts. This week we will continue our mixed reviews. Mixed review tests will be given each Friday. We will continue to explore perimeter and area. The students will also learn about probability. All of the students are working on individual math kits. Please remind your child to take his/her time and to ask experts for help. Math assessments are given on Wednesdays.

SCIENCE: This week we will continue studying weather. Please watch your students agenda for assignments and upcoming tests. Right now, the test is planned for Thursday, February 7th. Click here to play a game of weather jeopardy.  Allow your child to use his/her text book when you play. This will help your child locate information and learn the facts.

SOCIAL STUDIES: It’s time to learn about our government. The students will use the Harry Truman Library to study the three branches of government. They will work in groups to create a chart with information they find. On Friday, the students will write an expository essay on the three branches of government. The students will need to include an opening, a paragraph on each branch of the government, and a closing in their essay.

This week will we begin to learn the Northeastern states.  The students should know the location, spelling, and correct postal abbreviation. Please continue to study the other states that we have learned. The website has a fun game for learning the shape and location of each state.

PROJECT: Cereal Box Projects are due on Monday, February 4.

TECHNOLOGY: We use the Harry Truman Library to research the three branches of our government.

LIBRARY:  Our current Book Adventure Contest ends this Friday. Please make sure your child has earned the required points:  700  and up A+;  600 – 699 points A; 500 – 599 points  A-; 400 – 499 points B; 301 – 399 points    B-; 300 points  C;  200 – 299 points  D;  Under 200 points  F


Thursday, February 7th:  All School Mass

Valentine Party Money ($2.00, cash only) is due on or before Friday, February 8th.

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