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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – January 28 – February 1


Monday, January 28:  Student Appreciation – Out of Uniform Day and No Homework !!!

RELIGION: Due to Student Appreciation Day we will move the test on the commandments to Thursday, January 31. The test will cover information from chapters 9 – 12.  This  study guide will be sent home on Tuesday (you may print the study guide and have your child work on it earlier). On Thursday we will play Jeopardy to review all of the information that we have learned so far this year.

READING: The students will be placed in reading groups this week. Each group will be reading a chapter book and completing activities based on their reading. They will also work at centers and have group instruction time. Students will be required to read each night.  We will continue to study the story Earth: Our Planet in Space,  but we will not have a reading assessment this week.

GRAMMAR: This week, we will begin a unit on pronouns. The students will have grammar assessments on Wednesdays. This Wednesday, the students will complete an in-class comparison writing assessment. The information for writing comparison essays can be found on pages 286-299 in the LA book. The students have studied the material and are writing group essays to practice for the test.

SPELLING: This week the students are being assessed in fluency. Each child will have an individual spelling list. The lists will be posted on as students are tested. All lists will be posted by Thursday.  The name of your child’s list will be written in his/her agenda and spellingcity activities will be assigned. Your child will help choose the activities based on his/her interests.  Your child may play any of the spelling games once the assigned activities are completed. Your child may take the practice test multiple times, but please do NOT have your child take the actual test. The students will take the computer based spelling test in school next week. This grade will be recorded as a test grade. 

HANDWRITING: Students are responsible for writing in cursive on all assignments. I will continue to take handwriting grades on the weekly spelling test, but I will also take grades on random assignments. This includes homework, classwork, and tests. This also includes math sheets and math notebook pages. The students should take pride in their work and do their personal best on all assignments.

MATH: Please have your child practice his/her math facts. It is essential that the students know these facts. This week we will continue our mixed reviews. Mixed review tests will be given each Friday. This week the students will review units of length and then apply that knowledge to measure objects to find perimeter and area. The students will use square tiles and graphing paper to explore the concepts. They will be challenged to come up with a standard way to find perimeter and area of a rectangle. Then we will  learn the formula P= 2l + 2w and A=lw. Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays. This week’s assessment will include 2 digit x 1 digit multiplication and a pretest on division.

SCIENCE: This week we will continue studying weather. Please watch your students agenda for assignments and upcoming tests. Click here to play a game of weather jeopardy.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students should know the location, spelling, and correct postal abbreviation for the Midwest states. Due to no homework for Student Appreciation Day the test will be moved to Wednesday. Please continue to study the other states that we have learned. The website has a fun game for learning the shape and location of each state.

PROJECT: Please begin working on your cereal box. Please refer to the project paper for deadlines and the grading rubric. The students only need to write 5 interview questions; however the questions need to be quality questions that require several sentences to answer.  Each student needs to bring his/her biography book to class each day. The students completed the rough draft of their introduction in class. They began work on their “Did You Know Clouds” and their interview questions. The students will need to write their final copy at home. Due to no homework on Monday, these items will be due on January 31.  During computer class last week, the students worked on creating puzzles for their cereal box. Please go to to create the final copy. Students should spell correctly and are required to have a minimum of 10 words / clues (if the program kicks out a clue because the word cannot be placed, the student will earn credit for all 10). This week, the students will work on their summary during computer class. They will type it in column form so that it can be pasted to their cereal box. Please note that while we are learning how to do things at school, the final product should be edited and changes made. Please allow your child to be creative and go beyond what we are completing in school.

TECHNOLOGY: We will finish creating our Prezi for Grandparents’ Day. The students are also working on Animotos.

LIBRARY: We will finish our story Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. When we finish reading the book each student will write a book report. The students will follow the format that they must use to earn contest points for books that are not on Book Adventure. They will earn a classwork grade for their report. The report must be completed in its entirety at school.


Catholic Schools’ Week

Monday, January 28: Student Appreciation Day – Out of Uniform Day – No Homework

Tuesday, January 29: Bishop’s Mass and Parent Appreciation Day

Wednesday, January 30: Wildcat Wednesday: basketball players may wear jeans, team jersey, and PE shoes. St. John Vianney Day; Introductions and Interview Questions Due.

Thursday, January 31: Teacher Appreciation Day; no Mass

Friday, February 1: All-School Mass. Grandparents’ Day . 11:30 dismissal. If you are able to help set up for the Grandparents’ Day reception and program, please let me know. We need parents to set up during Mass (8:00 am)


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