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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……


Thursday- All School Mass- Parents invited

Monday- 1/28- Mrs. Smith subbing.

Theme- The students will recognize Martin Luther King Jr. as a great leader who worked to get equal rights for all people. Read Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream”.

Language Arts– The students will be able to learn how to make new words. Review sight words my and the; introduce new sight word on. Review Rebus Picture Cards-police officer, bike and brother and take home pre-decodable book 6, The Police Officer. Introduce Oral Blending: Compound Word eyeball, football, rainbow, sailboat and cupcake.

Religion– Read Genesis Chapter 1. The students will know that Genesis is the first book of the Bible and tells the story of Creation.

Writing- The students will make a letter D with wood pieces and trace the letter in the writing workbook page 46-47.

Computer Class- The students will continue practicing their mouse skills. Please continue to encourage your child to practice these skills at home.

Math- The student will use concrete objects to determine the answers to addition problems and will understand the meaning of the symbols + and =.

 Social Studies– The students will investigate similarities and differences between themselves and their classmates. Read: We are different, We are alike.

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