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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten!

Don’t forget,  snowmen are due Tuesday and  the sight word assessment is on Thursday and Friday.  It will cover all words up to this point.  Please continue to practice words each day and don’t forget to keep reading to ean those free pizzas!

MATH – This week we will create ABC sound and movement patterns, pay for items up to 50 cents using nickels, divide by sharing, and identify and order numbers.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will begin a new unit on “Needs and Wants”.

RELIGION – This week we will read the Bible story “Salt and Light”.  We will begin to understand what Jesus meant when He said “You are the salt of the earth”.

HANDWRITING – This week we will be practicing all lowercase letters.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will decode new sight words, segment and blend initial phonemes in words, identify and count phonemes in words, attach the /ks/ and the /z/ sounds to the letter Xx and Zz, review the /f/, /j/, and /u/ sounds, develop an understanding for new vocabulary words, review the table of contents and the comprehension strategy cause and effect.  THERE WILL BE A SIGHT WORD ASSESSMENT ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY.  We will continue to practice writing complete,  simple sentences with capital letters, end marks, and proper spacing.


1/24     All School Mass, sight word assessment

1/25     sight word assessment

1/26     Chili Cook Off @ 5:30pm  Kick off the Catholic Schools Week!!!!

1/28     Student Appreciation Day – out of uniform

1/29     Parent Appreciation Day

1/30     St. John Vianney Day

1/31     Teacher Appreciation Day

2/1     Grandparents’s Day- 11:30 dismissal

**2/22     NO SCHOOL FOR PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN – 2013-2014 kindrgarten screening **

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