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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – Jan. 14 – 18

Please note that assignments and tests are subject to change based on the students’ progress and understanding during the week. The most accurate account of what is due and when tests will be is always your child’s signed agenda.

RELIGION: We identified and studied the commandments that fall under the First Great Commandment. This week we will discuss the Second Great Commandment and the commandments that fall under it. The students will continue to make stone tablets for our bulletin display. We will also celebrate the anniversary of a baptism this week!

READING:  Our next story is Journey to the Moon by Jan Mader. This is an expository text written to inform. The test on this story will be open book. Please help your child become familiar with the text and location of important information. The students should be familiar with the illustrations, captions, and main ideas on each page.  The multiple choice and short answer questions will be given on Thursday. The essay portion of the test will be given on Friday.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This week, we will learn more about irregular verbs, contractions, and possessives. On Wednesday, the students will complete the chapter review for a classwork grade. Our writing lessons this week will be on comparative writing. The students will create and present posters on the different types of writing we have learned so far this year: comparative, descriptive, explanatory, narrative, and persuasive. The Unit 4 Language Arts test will be next Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

SPELLING: This week the students will be introduced to Greek and Latin roots. In addition to the regular spelling test, the students will need to know what each Greek and Latin root means. Spellingcity assignments are due on Friday – a ten point deduction will be taken off the test grade if these assignments are not completed. Students will be required to write in all cursive on their test. Points will be deducted for not dotting i’s, not crossing t’s, and for forming letters incorrectly. The spelling test will be on Friday.

HANDWRITING: Students are responsible for writing in cursive on all assignments. I will continue to take handwriting grades on the weekly spelling test, but I will also take grades on random assignments. This includes homework, classwork, and tests. This also includes math sheets and math notebook pages. The students should take pride in their work and do their personal best on all assignments.

MATH: Please have your child practice his/her math facts. It is essential that the students know these facts. This week we will learn the six – eight facts. The students will take daily timed tests. Click here to watch a video on learning the 6×6-10×10 facts. This week the students will learn to find square roots, read temperature in degree Celsius, and measure things in inches, feet, yards, and miles. Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays.

SCIENCE: This week we will begin our unit on the Cycles on Earth and in Space. Please watch your child’s agenda for assignments, projects, and test dates. This week’s topics will focus on the water cycle and observing weather. We will complete several experiments.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will earn two grades in social studies this week. They will earn a grade on the Rocky Mountain States  and a comprehensive grade on all the states we have learned so far. The website has a fun game for learning the shape and location of each state.

The students will finish reading their biography this week. They should bring their book to class daily. Thestudents  are taking notes. The students will need their notes to complete their project. I will be conferencing with each student during the week.  All notes are due on Tuesday, January 22.

TECHNOLOGY:  This week, the students will begin our Grandparents Day project. We will be creating an online story book to share during our Grandparents’ Day Program. If you are looking for educational sites for your kids, click here to open a page of Internet sites. It is essential that you monitor your child’s Internet usage. Highlight the site you would like to go to, then right click on the site and choose “open hyperlink” to go to site.

LIBRARY: We are currently reading the story Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. When we finish reading the book each student will write a book report. The students will follow the format that they must use to earn contest points for book that are not on Book AdventureThey will earn a classwork grade for their report. The report must be completed in its entirety at school.

The Book Adventure contest information was emailed to all parents. Please make sure your child is registered. Information on how to earn points by completing book reports will be in the Wednesday folder.


Thursday, January 17:  All School Mass

Monday, January 21:  No School; Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 23: Project notes due.

Wednesday, January 30:  Introductions and Interview Questions Due

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