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First Grade Weekly News

Language Arts:

Students completed the comprehension portion of their reading test this past Friday.  This week they will work on the phonics portion of their test.  We will begin part two on Monday.

As we welcome our next unit, North, South, East, West, students will work on blending, spelling, reading and writing words that contain long O and long U oa, ow, ew, ue.   We will work on reviewing compound words, plural nouns and discuss selected vocabulary.


Finish up  directions for how to build a snowman.  Students will continue to draft their plans for how to make a snowman.  Next each student will give their instructions to another student in class and they will be required to read the directions and construct a paper snowman.  We will also work on the use of commas when separating the name of a city from state or country.

Spelling: try, tries, fly, flies, grow, show, below, boat, float, road, their, some.  Test Friday


Memorize the fourth commandment and inspire to follow the example of Jesus.

Social Studies:

Students will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and come to appreciate Freedom.  We will also learn how to read maps using NSEW.  Students will work on writing directions from how to get from one place in the school to another spot using NSEW directions.


We will continue to work on greater than, less than.  This week students will be adding two digit numbers without regrouping and adding doubles plus one.  Test on Thursday.  Students will continue to have timed practice addition and subtraction fact pages in class.



1/16 Report Cards signed and due back today

1/17  All School Mass

1/21 No School



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