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This Week in 2nd Grade

Reading: This week we are reading “Jalapeno Bagels.” Vocabulary words for this selection are: ingredients, dough, international, culture, and jalapeno. Test over selection and vocabulary will be on Friday.

Spelling: This week’s words are: dry, tie, fight, why, tow, soap, below, bike, cone, and oak. Challenge words are: July, twilight, shallow, cocoa, and thigh. Test is on Friday.

Language Arts: We are reviewing commas in a series. Test will be on Friday.

Math: Written test will be on Wednesday. We will start practicing the 100 facts tests this week. Children have 5 minutes to write as many answers as possible.

Science: We started a new unit on habitats. We will be learning about desert, rainforest, forest, tundra, pond, and ocean environments.

Religion: We are talking about the Holy Family and the Baptism of Jesus.

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