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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

SCHOOL SAFETY WEEK!  This week will be focusing on school safety.  We will be having a fire drill, a tornado drill , and a lock-down drill.  We will talk about what a lock-down drill is and practice proper procedures prior to the actual drill.  This will be done in a very sensitive way as not to frighten or scare the students.  You may want to also address this at home to further prepare your children and answer any questions they may have.


MATH – This week we will be copying line segments, shapes, and designs on a geoboard, ordering objects by length, measuring length using nonstandard units, making ABC patterns, acting out some, some more and some, some went away stories, and identifying and counting nickels.

RELIGION – This week we will continue with the story of The Three Wise Men.  The students will be able to name the three gifts given to Jesus and they will also write about a gift they would give to the baby Jesus. 

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will start back with our sight words, blend initial and final phonemes to make words, attach the /j/ sound to the letter Jj, the /f/ sound to the letter Ff, locate the Table of Contents, develop an understanding for new vocabulary words, use the comprehension strategies Asking Questions, Clarifying, Predicting and Cause and Effect.  We will also work on writing sentences using sight words.  We will concentrate on proper word spacing and end marks.  Our new unit theme is “shadows”.

SCIENCE – This week we will be exploring and discovering about shadows.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practice lowercase “t, y, and w”.  We will also write the numbers 11-20.

COMPUTERS – This week we will practice keyboard skills while typing our sight words.

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